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Welcome to Lead Generation Network – A place to find “Traffic” or “Visitor” Sources to Increase Your Website Traffic.

“Not All Traffic is Created Equal” – is an apt and often used phrase to describe the types of traffic sources you can garner. But what does it actually mean?
The difference is between the types of traffic you can receive, Direct Traffic and Indirect traffic. Direct Traffic is visitor traffic that is ‘Actually’ looking for what you already offer – Also known as ‘Warm’ Traffic as they are already predisposed to your offer and Indirect Traffic is Visitor traffic you shower or use the scatter gun approach, that is to say ‘Cold’ traffic that you ‘Hope’ to convert with a Great Sales Pitch.
The best form of this Direct traffic is the ‘Organic Search’ traffic. This is search engines, classified advertisement sites and some social media sources that have an interest in your particular field.
Around this website you will find ways to grow your organic search reach and gain ‘Real’ visitors.

So unless you want your ‘Lovely’ new blog or website to become a screensaver you show off to friends and family only, or you are promoting your affiliate links and offers THEN you will need to promote or advertise yourself to gain website visitors (Also known as ‘Traffic’)
This is a problem for most – NOT – because they can’t do it but because it can be very confusing as to One; Know Exactly where their audience is and Secondly; How to ‘Drive’ that audience to their offers, website or blog. This is as simple as ‘Traffic Generation’ needs to be to increase your website traffic.
The ‘Other’ problem most people have is; what kind of traffic sources are there out there. Some are ‘frowned’ upon, such as PPV (Pay Per View) – Check the link in the menu for the video.

Types of Free Traffic Sources

‘Forum Marketing’ and ‘Question & Answer Sites’ are excellent ways to gain visitors to your offers and can be treated in the same way when advertising.
Forum marketing in particular, as it could be said to be the ‘Grand-Father’ of the social network sites we know today. Again this could be targeted traffic as there are literally thousands of forums with many topics available to discuss your favourite hobby or past time. The reason most people don’t want to know about this kind of visitor traffic is it can take a while for the traffic to start to turn up. This is generally because the majority of forums will want you to post and contribute ‘Genuinely’ to the topics discussed before you can start to add your forum signature links. This isn’t a bad thing as it will give you the opportunity to show your knowledge and more people are then likely to check out your links.
The other good thing about forum marketing as a traffic strategy is that they are highly popular with search engines as this is fresh updating content and you will find quite a lot of your traffic coming from search engines through the posts you make.
This is also the case for question and answer sites such as Quora and Yahoo Answers – This sites will allow you to post both questions and answers which are graded to bring the best answer to the top, again as mentioned because of the lively nature of the updated content and the way the question can be ‘Framed’ (Googles Algorithms work on the context of people searching with a question), you will increase website traffic from search engines.

This so far is just a brief overview of some of the types of visitor traffic you can generate, the links around this site will take you to other sources from which you can read or download free automated traffic submission software or pdf’s such as Web Design and SEO Promotion – Discover the best ways to design your website or blog for the search engines and how to search the web properly, finding those top backlinks such as .EDU and .GOV plus a lot more. There are many others which will give you a clearer understanding of “Traffic Generation” and “How to Increase Website Visitors”.