Classified Advertising

What is Classified advertising?
Classified advertising is one of the most cost effective promotional tools any business can use. It commands greater confidence than almost any other form of advertising. The true beauty of the online classified sites, is that the people who are looking at them are doing so because they want to buy a product or service. In other words they are already pre-disposed to ‘Buying’.
Unlike normal print advertising where you’re trying to convince people that they need what you’re selling, the people reading the classifieds have already made the decision to buy. They’re qualified customers looking for a deal, all you have to do is get them to deal with you.

So what makes a successful classified advertisement?
Basically any classified advertisement that pays for itself can be considered successful. That’s not to say that our objective is to spend $100 and get $100 worth of sales as a result of it. What you need to understand is the lifetime value of each customer who responds to your ad.
Your acquisition cost is determined on how much your classified advertisement cost, divided by how many customers it brings into your store or online business, website or blog. Once you’ve calculated this figure you can then workout how much each customer needs to spend before your advertising becomes profitable. In the average business this will mean selling to them 2.5 times before you begin to make a profit.
With this in mind you need to focus on bringing the customer back on a regular basis. To do this will either require an incentive to buy at discounted rates as a loyal and regular customer or an initial discounted item if they sign up to your email service via your autoresponder. Therefore any classified advertisement which covers its cost initially will turn out to be profitable in the long term.

What Makes a Successful Classified Ad?
There are a number of key elements which combined, go to making up a successful classified advertisement. The most important of these is the headline.
Another important consideration is the offer you’re making. No matter how well written your classified advertisement is, without a great offer it will not work.
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