Forum Marketing

Welcome to Forum Marketing – Here I describe the best way to go about using forums as a source of traffic and can be used as a way of building your lists.

Forum marketing is a great strategy that many online business owners use to market their own products and services online. In fact it is fast becoming one of the most widely used free marketing methods on the internet. It has many benefits and it costs virtually nothing for you to apply it. It just takes a little know how and determination from you on a regular basis to begin seeing positive results.
The central rule of thumb when it comes to forum marketing is that you never jump straight in an immediately start promoting your business. This is considered bad etiquette and will actually drive your potential customers to a different direction.
Before you begin to promote your product or service on any forum, you will need to establish yourself as a member of the community. There are two fundamental steps involved in this process.

Firstly: Find a forum and register as a member.
When searching for a forum to join you will want to find one that is centered on a topic that is closely related to the product or service that you are planning to promote.
After you have found a forum that you want to and have registered, you should take some time to create a profile page about yourself. This should include a good description about yourself and your business. You will want to pay extra attention when developing your signature file, because it will be at the bottom of every post that you make and it is very important to the success of your campaign.
After you have registered and set up your profile and your signature line you should take a few days to observe around the forum before you begin to post. Examine the posts and get a feel for the other member’s thoughts, ideas and questions. It is also very important that you take time to acquaint yourself with the rules of the forum.
After you have observed around for a while it will be a good time to start posting.
Begin by responding to the other member’s questions and concerns. Do not by any means start out posting by immediately promoting your business. This can lead to a negative impression on the opinion other members have of you and blatant advertising can get you banned from the forum. Remember you want people to notice you not ignore you.

Secondly:Focus on building your reputation on the forum.
Starting with your very first post, you can begin to build your reputation as an expert on the topics being discussed. The first and most important thing you should do is introduce yourself. Then start to assist other members with their problems and promptly answer their questions. Bear in mind that the more respect you earn in the forum the more visits you will get to your website and the more sales you will make.
As I mentioned above most forums do not allow members to promote their products or services inside the post itself. This is considered spamming and it may get your post deleted and you may also be banned from the forum. There are many good reasons why forum marketing is so viable for many online marketers. Whenever you post, you have the golden opportunity to help another person that might have a problem or perhaps a question. This will not only provide you a feeling of satisfaction that you have done something to help someone else and it will also help you build a good reputation on the forum.
The basic unspoken rule is that if you give to another member then you shall receive when they click on your signature line and go to your website. Another side advantage of joining a forum is that you will find plenty of valuable and very useful information that you can use to build your business. As you read posts by other members you will be amazed at how much free information that you’ll receive. This information can be an invaluable resource to improve your forum marketing strategy.
As you start to post on the forum lots of people will be able to see your signature line and click on it, which will lead them straight to your website. This form of free advertising can add up to a good amount of free traffic as well as potential sales from forum members. So as you can see forum marketing is a really good method with lots of extra added benefits that you can use to promote your business. Such as if you have a blog or website, the answers will show up in the search engines, not only providing you ‘free’ traffic but backlinks.

If you want to take this form of marketing further you can download the free report and a Forum Submitter Pro