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FACT #1Largest PPV Network

LeadImpact is the Largest Online Pay-Per-View Advertising Network And It Reaches U.S. Traffic For As Low As .015 per View

FACT #2: Gurus Are "Milking" It

While Everyone's Preaching "Solo Ads" and "Ad Swaps" To Build Subscriber Lists, The Gurus Are Milking LeadImpact  

FACT #3: Misunderstood Traffic Source

PPV is One of the Most Misunderstood Paid Traffic Sources... Except By Those Who Know How To Harness The Power

FACT #4: Pop up Over Your Competitor

With LeadImpact You Can Popup Your Squeeze Page In An 800x600 Window Over Any Website On The Net, Even Your #1 Competitor

FACT #5: Highly Targeted Traffic

When You Know How To Use It Properly, This Is Some of The Most Targeted Traffic You Can Generate

FACT #6: Opens Up New World For You

When You Grab Your Copy, You'll Open Up a Whole New World of Traffic

FACT #7: Price of Solo Ads Increasing

The Price of Solo Ads Have Been Rocketing Along With Their Popularity and It's Time To Expand Your Paid Lead Gen Sources


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If I Hear the Words,"Go buy solo ads to build your list"  One More Time, I Think I Might Lose It

And I have a hunch I'm not the only one.

It seems like every listbuilding product tells you ONE THING...

"Go buy some solo ads and do some ad swaps."

It's like a broken record.

Sure Solo Ads Work, But Their Prices Are Rising Through The Roof

There are solo ad sellers who have no business selling solo ads to their cold lists for the price they're charging.

The hike in prices makes it tougher to afford them.

Especially when it seems quality is going down.

Maybe that's just my experience though.  I don't know, but... it's time to break free of dependence on ad swaps and solo ads.

Inside My New LeadImpact Videos, You'll Discover The Basics of Using LeadPact

In 17 quick videos you'll discover:
►How to set up a LeadImpact campaign

►How to find targeted URLs to bid on

►How to size your squeeze page for LeadImpact

►How to write squeeze page copy for this traffic

►How to target traffic by country in LeadImpact

►How to get the lowest possible bid on keywords

►How PPV and LeadImpact works

►And much more...

Who Are These LeadImpact Videos For?

This is perfect for any internet marketer who is brand new to pay-per-view traffic.

It's a quick tutorial for anyone who wants to expand their traffic sources to include LeadImpact.

Let's say you've been using solo ads for years, but don't know about Pay-Per-View advertising.

This would be perfect for you.

Imagine Reaching Millions of New Website Visitors You Couldn't Previously Touch

Our little internet marketing world is a small place in the grand scheme of things.

Most listbuilders have been generating leads from the same "pond."

With LeadImpact, it's like upgrading to the ocean.

Because there are millions of new visitors you can tap into.

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