Pay Per View Traffic

Pay Per View is a Realistic and cheap alternative to Bing and Google PPC – Watch the video to understand why.


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Some traffic sources are ‘frowned’ upon, such as PPV (Pay Per View) as it comes across as ‘selling’ or pushing offers to unsuspecting audiences as it uses ‘Pop Ups’ or ‘Exit’ sales pages. This couldn’t be further from the truth as a lot of people who see those adverts have already agreed to them in exchange for a free download or perhaps a small percentage of the advertising cost of which can start as low as 0.01 cents and rise to around 0.70 cents, a lot cheaper than PPC (Pay Per Click) from advertising sources such as Google or Bing.
But It’s Not Targeted! Is another concern, this also is untrue. Whilst you do need to know what ‘Works’ best when using PPV, there are categories to choose from as the people willing to see the promotions are segmented by their choices of the kind of ads they want to see.
It is true however certain promotions will do better than others, such as ‘Free Offers’, this may seem obvious but can be overlooked when most people are trying to sell their wares.
The types of free offers that pay well for a simple action of an email address or free trial are known as CPA (Cost Per Action). Some offers can pay as much as $40 per sign up and are well known everyday brands making the process even easier as people already trust the company. You can find out more about CPA from The Ultimate CPA BluePrint
A simple offer promoted in this way can then be automated, as once you add the CPA offer link to your chosen network, you then just set your limit on the amount of traffic you want and it can be left.

You can find out more by visiting Pay Per View Cost Effective Traffic